Two Green Shoots A visit

It was my first day of half term from college yesterday and the day started well, dry and calm. I had arranged to pick up some trees for a tree planting scheme called “Trees on the land” being organised by The Green Economy Foundation and the Woodland Trust in Northern Ireland. It is an annual tree planting event across the 32 counties providing native tree mixes and I had order one to help me establish a hedge across the big field, mostly hawthorn, blackthorn & crab apple. I have a few already in the ground but they face straight into the wind coming off the Atlantic and the rate of attrition is high.


On the road to Glengarriff

I was originally given a pick up point in Cork City which is over 2 hours away which thankfully was a mistake and I was asked if Glengarriff would be ok. I have a couple of friends there and it is a lovely place to visit so I agreed. Ireland and especially West Cork are well interconnected and it was not a major surprise to discover that the people at the pick-up point were actually the friends I was hoping to visit. West Cork is often referred to as “A place apart,” but I think “it’s a small world” maybe more appropriate.


I have known Kloe and her family for many years as they lived out in Goleen for awhile and I have admired her parents Kurt and Sheena who have combined elements of the environmental, horticultural and inspirational at the Ewe sculpture garden. However it was through table tennis that we became friends and Kloe and her sister Eliza wielded the bat to great effect in our local club.


That was a long time ago and as far as I can gather Kloe and her partner Adam have been gathering, growing and working towards this new project Two Green Shoots which is an exciting combination of garden designing, renovation, wild food gathering and making. They have an infectious enthusiasm and so many bright and fresh ideas and a desire to introduce others into this wonderful world of nature and nurture. Their own garden is being developed into a “willy wonka” adventure that even in these early stages has surprises around every corner.


I had a lovely lunch and tour and came away with some new ideas of my own and I am looking forward to seeing how they and the garden progresses, I’ll also keep an eye out for their next course as they obviously have so much to offer. Their garden is such a contrast to my own as it is set amongst the woods and on the side of a mountain with steep steps and so much protection from the wind.


An amazing griselinia with arial roots

Beside my bag of trees was another with the name Tim Rowe. Tim is another person I originally met through table tennis and I refer to him as “the bee man.” He was a commercial bee man and the inventor of the Rose Hive. I find Tim fascinating, he is an inventor and an artist and is one of those individuals that just seem to have tried everything at some stage with an amazing depth of knowledge and curiosity and those are all qualities I admire in people. I have mentioned Tim before as he does the “Way Out West” video blog on You Tube and I love watching is varied and often eccentric adventures. Adam explained that Tim had tried to pick up his trees the night before but had got lost, so I offered to drop them in on way home. The story of my trip to Tim’s and the planting of the hedge will have to wait till next time as the sun is actually shining out there and I have the itch to get on.


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