Half Term Break

There has been a real contrast in the weather and consequently in life now the storms have past. This week is half term and it has given me an opportunity to get on with work in the garden. I have a week but it doesn’t seem long enough, there is so much to get on with.


Gladiolus Communis Byzantinu (www.sarahraven.com)

I managed to plant out most of the bulbs I bought, so I am hoping for a splash of colour in the spring and early summer, these include the magenta coloured Gladiolus Communis Byzantinus, flashy red and yellow Tuips Kalifmanniana Sresa, more yellow with Allium Molly Jeannine and the delicate blue Chionodoxa Lucillae. I also have some pink and white daffodils Salome but I’m not quite sure where I am going to put them yet.


I have also been preparing my liquid fertiliser. I like to make a variety using comfrey, nettles and seaweed. The smell is very pungent but now they are all bottled up I can store them away for use during the spring to give everything a bit of a boost.


A major enlargement of the vegetable plot and redesign is taking more time than I had planned but it is gradually coming together, it will be 17m x 6m when completed and that should give us enough space to make a significant increase in production.

Yesterday was a very full day as I was down to the beach for low tide at 7.30am to gather some seaweed for the garden. I only take the seaweed that has been washed up on the beach rather than anything growing and it can go straight onto the garden. It was then down to the polytunnels to give them a wash as there was quite a bit of algae especially in the one where the pumpkins and squashes were growing, it is amazing the difference it makes as the increase in light is very noticeable. The Swiss Card, Spinach and Salad Leaves are going really well and the cabbage and turnips are growing rapidly.


I went down to the pier for a spot of fishing at high tide, I didn’t manage to catch any fish but spent my time watching a pair of seals playing in the very calm waters and I was also treated to a visit from a travelling pod of dolphins making their way up the bay. There were Oyster Catchers, Cormorants but no Gannets, who I expect have gone out to sea for the winter.


It was back to the garden for the rest of the afternoon to clip back the hedges which lets so much more light back into the garden which is in short supply during the winter months. There was just enough time to get ready for Halloween and get down to the village for our annual sweet hunt with the kids. Most of mine own kids were away enjoying their own parties but thankfully we have a few nephews who we can join in with and go visiting.


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