Taking My Time

I have heard a lot of discussion about the use of technology and especially the use of robots. The reference to “time saving devices” has been going since before I was a child and I presume it was the basis for the industrial revolution. By building machines industry can become more efficient and produce more in a smaller amount of time.


I remember when we got our first washing machine and gradually we lost washing day as a specific day was not needed anymore. That must have freed many people up and given them more time. If you added up all the time saved by dishwashers, food processors, motorised lawn mowers, faster cars, electric shavers and every other time saving device we now have around the house I am surprised we don’t have so much more time but there again maybe we do.


There was a discussion on the radio recently about the decrease in the amount of cooking from scratch and that a lot of people don’t bother with cooking at all as they can buy pre cooked food or just heat up processed food, which must save a considerable amount of time.


I have also noticed a slight change in greetings these days, quite often when you ask someone “how are you?” they reply with “busy” or “very busy,” and I get the impression that this means they are doing well. Does this mean that the busier you are the more successful you feel?


When I go into town or into the city the pace of life seems so quick, there is a considerable amount of rushing about going on, everyone seems to walk a lot faster, it is almost as though time is passing quicker and everyone is trying to keep up. Time is a curious thing.


When I was a kid I thought time went very slowly, just one day at school dragged on and a term seemed like a life time! Progressively as I’ve got older it seems to be gathering apace, as I get bigger time gets smaller. Now I have passed the 50 year mark my past certainly is greater and my future is lesser however I think my present is still the same but just a bit more precious. The present is special; it is the gift of living and feeling the reality of existence. I remember my granny telling me to “store up memories as that is all you will have left when you are my age.”


As a table tennis coach time is limited and so valuable, you have to plan and set out a timetable in order to best use your time. No one wants to be sat around waiting for the next part of the session. Time in my garden is different, I do plan a few jobs for the day but I find myself drifting from one thing to another like a dandelion seed in the breeze. The plants grow at their own pace, the weeds do seem to go a bit quicker but I’ll get round to them. The weather checks my progress sometimes and depending on that I will need to deal with the watering, planting or harvesting but there is very little clock watching going on. If the light is still there I have time to finish whatever needs to be done. I upturn my bucket after some clearing or particularly hard digging and take a break, it gives me a chance to just look at the growth and imagine what it will look like when the job is done and once rested I am inspired to get on with what-ever is needed, lunch time is when I feel hungry.


It is hard to contemplate that we are in the last month of summer, there is a crescendo of colour at the moment and the veg plot is providing nearly all our needs. I took a few days to go and visit my mum with my two youngest and we went camping in Wales.


It was a bit wet and windy but it was time well spent and I also got to see my new Great Nephew, a happy chappy just bursting at the seams with curiosity and devilment and he weilded the willow rattle I made like bam bam from the Fintstones! I’m back again from my travels and settling into the gentle rhythm of the season while the gladioli, dahlia and rudbeckia provide a palette of colour and the candytuft, Californian poppies and purple loosestrife just dazzle.











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