A Time for Tinkering

We all went off camping at a local music festival last weekend, the first day was very wet but thankfully that cleared and other than a few showers we managed to keep dry and snug in our tent. It was a great excuse to dress up as we took part in the parade through the site ending up at a huge fire display.


It wasn’t all about music as there was a craft village in site as well and I had a go at willow weaving and copper wire twirling which I was told is called tinkering which when I looked up the term it was defined as “to keep busy in a useless way,” which I often think is my calling. I am off to visit my first Great Nephew next week, he is only 1 year old and I made him a willow rattle for a present which I was very pleased with.


The weather is still very inclement with regular showers but we have some lovely blooms at the moment, the roses are particularly fine and a new edition that I bought for my wife for Valentine’s Day has thrived. I make a seaweed liquid fertiliser and I think this helps the roses in particular as well as many of our pot plants like lilies.


Kate planted a number of dwarf sunflowers as our regular sunflowers often get battered about even when they are staked. I do love sunflowers, when we were in Tuscany I was blown away with the huge fields of sunflowers they are just so bright and joyous.

I have been harvesting and storing onions, shallots and garlic. I am hoping to pickle the shallots.


I love Garnier pickled onions and I am going to try out a new recipe I found on the internet, I’ll let you know how I get on.


I moved the yellow hop plant to a bed in the front garden a couple of years ago but it was very shallow there but I added a fair bit of compost there this year and it has now settled in, I think it is a lovely colour and makes a great backdrop for annuals.


At the beginning of the summer holidays my youngest daughter set a few achievement goals, one of them being learning to fish. I have taken her a few times and she has learnt a bit about tackling and casting but had not caught anything. She still seemed to enjoy going down to the pier and we managed to watch the seal and even a pod of dolphins. We went down to the pier on a fairly stormy evening and I was uncertain whether it was worth our while. She does get her line snagged on the rocks occasionally and we have to work it off, she passed me the rod on just such an occasion but this time it wasn’t snagged it was weighed down with a couple of mackerel, she was delighted with herself and was even prepared to gut them. I remember my first time catching a fish it was with my dad and it was a very special memory for me. Kate tried out a new recipe where she marinated the fillets in soy sauce, ginger, onions, and a little chilly accompanied with own veg, it really doesn’t get much better than that!



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