Moonshine and Roses

There was a full moon the other night as I drove over to Crookhaven.  A giant silver circle like some gleaming unobtainable shiny penny just out of reach. Its reflective light shimmered on the sea illuminating the ripples. It hung just above the Fastnet lighthouse so emblematic of West Cork, often called the teardrop of Ireland, a reminder of the thousands of those who left these shores in search of a better life.


I can’t imagine having to leave my home and garden but if the safety of my family and my future was at stake I wouldn’t have the luxury of choice. I hope I never have to make that kind of decision. I don’t agree with the way politics are going in this country, as you might well guess from some of my posts I am not a believer in free market, consumerism and continual growth, sufficiency is more my thing. I hate waste and the constant desire to build bigger, grow faster and consume more.

The juxtaposition that in one part of the world obesity is a problem while in another it is starvation. I hear a lot these days about various addictions I think our society appears to be addicted to greed and manufactures keep pushing ever more stuff down our consumerist throats. Oops I didn’t mean to have a rant there, all I meant to say is I’m not surprised that so many people are taking the risk to move to another country, our society in Ireland has been doing it for years. I for one moved here 30 years ago. Why did I move? For a better life! My father’s family originally moved from Ireland during the famine and now I’m back. Not sure I could live in a glass house, too hot for one thing and secondly I would have to keep an eye on all that stone throwing.


I have a number of new plants coming into their own in the garden at the moment, I can’t remember the Latin name but I have a couple of Chilean daffodils (salpiglossis-sinunata) flowering and the Californian poppies are beginning to show some colour along with the candytuft. Unfortunately my helichrysums and gypsophila seedlings have been wiped out by slugs and I don’t think I’ll have time to plant more for this year.


Lidl have hammocks for sale for only €10 and I bought a couple for the orchard, they are dangerous items to have in the garden as I find them incredibly comfortable and managed to spend most of Saturday curled up listening to the radio just thinking about what I could be doing in the garden!

Our internet connection came back this afternoon and I can once again instantly communicate with the rest of the world. Personally I kind of enjoyed not having the internet or phone coverage for a while a bit like when the electricity goes off during a storm in the winter. I am also glad it is back so I’ll just have to remain as ever conflicted; I don’t understand how so many people can be just so absolutely certain about things.


The veg garden is still producing well and we now have mange tout coming through and I cooked up some globe artichokes, not that popular with the rest of the family but I like them, an excellent excuse to eat garlic butter! The shallots are nearly ready and the garlic can come out soon as well.


I came across a ladybird today, it was only then I realised I had seen very few this year, we used to have loads in the garden but they seem a bit scarce this year.


I also had a visit from one of my nephews, our kids don’t use the swings any more so it was great to see someone giving it a go, I especially like his bright red galoshes. Well that’s your lot for today’s blog I need to pick one of my kids up from their summer job and I am extending one of the flower beds in the garden outside the back door as the elder tree shades most of the existing bed and I would like a bit more colour near the house, so about time I got off the computer and did some work. Bye for now.



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