The Business of Blogging

This blogging business is a whole new world.  Last year I used a blog page to keep a record of a year of my table tennis coaching. I didn’t tag or categories, I only just found out you can. I have kept a written coaching diary for years, full of technical notes, ideas for sessions and other stuff that I would expect less than 0.00001% to have any interest in, even my very loyal wife would struggle to pretend interest. But I am beginning to understand blogging is a public occupation.  I had a Rumanian lad Cristian like one of my blogs who had an article about blogging and tips on making your blog better. (


Yellow Iris or Flag (Iris: Greek goddess of the rainbow) a native plant used in sewage treatment, and is known to be able to remove metals from wastewaters and found all over West Cork.

It was interesting and a totally new prospective for me on blogging a skill, art or occupation I have little considered. I have only just started reading blog posts from other bloggers who very kindly started following me. There’s a whole new world out there! I know I’m a technological dinosaur; my kids laugh at my ignorance but still are patient enough to explain some of it. I didn’t grow up with snapchat, twitter, podcasts, email, apps or even the Internet! The telephone was for mum and dad and even TV was rationed “omg lol I’m uncool.”


The incomplete Monty (West Cork Table Tennis)

In the last week I’ve been followed and liked by total strangers, now that’s not a sentence I ever thought I’d say and it is exciting when my phone goes ping after I post something. I live in a very remote and beautiful place, I am not very sociable, I work a lot with kids and I have a very low expectation that anything I have to say will interest anyone but when you spend so much time digging in the garden you can’t help but think and putting it down on paper stops me going crazy. For whatever reason you guys have decided to click follow or like the link on my fb page thanks. I have enjoyed reading your blogs and I am broadening my mind.


I was sat in Bantry yesterday after driving our table tennis team back from Killarney and I had a couple of hours to kill before going up to Cork to pick up my lad Jimini who had been away in Prague playing  for Ireland, again it was table tennis. It is strange just sitting still in a town and watching the World go past, I used to do a bit of “people watching” when I lived in the city but don’t do much of it these days. It is far more entertaining than television but that might be a reflection more on the standard of TV programs than the activity itself, however the last time I checked out TV it was full of programs based around people watching! (Dreadful!)


Is reading a blog just an on line version of people watching? We are curious creatures, always looking over the fence and now we have tools like Facebook and the internet and we can travel round the World. One of my friends loves exploring Google Earth and visiting different places all over the planet, I’ve not tried it much myself but might try it tonight after talking about it.


The stress intensity in the house is moving up the defcon levels with exams starting for Mair and Jasmine today. Jazz seems quite chilled while Mair could explode any minute and the house is swamped with text books and notes, she has a strange filling system which requires the use of every available surface in every room of the house.


While outside the grass is growing even longer as I discovered the lawnmower repair shop isn’t open till Thursday. We have a young family of Choughs swooping and spiralling over head making their haunting cry, bird enthusiasts come from all over to watch these red beaked crows perform their distinctive aerobatics, slugs are a plenty, no one comes to see them, though I have heard tell there’s a rare type of Kerry Slug (doesn’t surprise me), I hope it doesn’t make its way over the mountains and the early strawberries are nearly ready so it’s all happening out there without me as I’m sat pondering blogging, editing and dithering about digging. God willing I’ll get to see you all later TTFN



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