A Little Glimpse of Heaven

It is the dawning of a new day over here on the Mizen. The peak of pink over the Kerry Mountains hinted at the dawn around 4am and by 5am the birds were in full voice heralding what was a spectacular sunrise. Are the birds singing to each other or are they just expressing their joy that the night has passed once again? I find it such an exciting part of the day, I love the sunset as well, they seem that little bit more dramatic and spectacular but there is anticipation in the dawn which has a completely different character. My Grandmother used to say that God gave the sunset over to one of the artists in heaven each day and if you knew your painters you may be able to tell whose work you were witnessing. This morning there was a hint of Frederik Cherch but an intensity of colour that no mortal pallet can quite achieve.


George Hiles, Lakes of Killarney

I was away yesterday teaching how to introduce table tennis to a lovely group of coaches, mostly parents trying to help their kids by learning more about the game and quite a few are involved in the intellectual disabilities side of things. It is extremely rewarding to have the opportunity to help people like this, who give so much of their time trying to help not only their own kids but others to learn new skills and achieve new goals. However the sun was shining and I didn’t get back early enough to collect my lawnmower from the repair shop and it is Sunday today! I had hoped to get some grass cutting in before I am off out again, this time to Kerry where I am taking a group of our senior club players to a social match in Killarney. It is a spectacular road between here and Killarney, up over the mountains, through the National Park and past the lakes, the subject of many artists over the years.


So it will be another day spent away from the garden and the weather has been ideal. I had a quick look round this morning, the hawthorn blossom has now faded so the “crown” has been lost and the new heir to the throne is my daughter’s climbing pink rose by the front door, I am in the process of building an arch and trying to get it to climb all the way across.

The verbascum is beginning to flower; I had hoped it would have grown taller. The Phormium in the main bed has sent up a couple of massive flower spikes and some dwarf French beans I planted in the Chinese Garden are emerging. There is a lot I could do today but it will have to wait.


I think my interview for college went well enough, I arrived on time and I had the right paperwork. I was asked to identify some flowers in a vase; I managed to do that alright. They asked me why I wanted to do the course and I explained that I was very interested in horticulture and spent a lot of time in the garden but I am aware there are many gaps in my knowledge and I would like to learn more, they then asked me what I wanted to do afterwards and to be honest I’m not sure. I don’t really know what I am going to learn or what is going to interest or inspire me. I’m keen to find out. I think I am like a dandelion seed and I am hoping that College will be that breath of air that will carry me to where I am going. One thing I have learned is having an open mind has kept me happy so far and the more seeds you plant the more chance that something will grow but you do have to spend more time in the garden to see it happening. My final thought for the day is if you get up early enough you might just get a glimpse of heaven.



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