You Live and Learn

I have an interview today with the Cork College of Commerce. A couple of years ago they initiated a West Cork Campus in the old Rossa College Secondary School in Skibbereen and they provide for a number of courses in various subjects. I went along to their open day a couple of months ago as I heard they had a Horticultural Course.


I love gardening but I would be the first to admit there are large gaps in my knowledge, there is always more to learn. The course is a one year full time affair and it is a major commitment for me as I am self employed and I will have to rearrange quite a bit of my work schedule and give up certain areas in order to be able to pursue this interest but after discussing it with my wife and the kids they seem very supportive of my choice.


I have explored so much within the world of table tennis, I have had fabulous experiences and I have reached the highest level of qualification and on Saturday I will be delivering an Introduction to Table Tennis Course for new coaches as I am an ITTA Tutor. I really do enjoy the coach education aspect of what I do but I am very much looking forward to becoming the student rather than the teacher!


If I get accepted the course starts in September and that is one of the reasons I decided to start a blog, to record my experiences and use it as a study aid. So wish me luck and I’ll tell you all about it later. Our pony Bracken got out this morning, thankfully I can’t find too much damage just a few up turned pots but potentially he could be so destructive.


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