Nature and Nurture

It is my daughter’s 14th Birthday today. I have 4 children and Jasmine is the third. I remember when she first came back from the hospital and I had bought a few indoor Jasmine plants for the conservatory. The smell of the plant was heady and sweet and so was this new little life. Jasmine has remained ever so sweet and heady living on the cusp of a dreamworld, creative and silly, filled with dragons, fairies and strangely bananas! Do you know that a banana is both an herb and a berry? It is amazing what you learn from your children.


I do think there are many similarities that can be drawn from being a parent and a gardener. The nature verses nurture argument can be so easily observed in the garden. All that information stored in the seed can be released if you just find the right place to plant it; some plants require very little care after that while others need a little TLC. Some need support in order to climb, others need to have their space cleared to allow the sunlight to make its way through. All plants have the potential to thrive but only if you can find the right conditions to suit each individual. If there is an art to parenting it is finding the right conditions for your kids to thrive, nature should do the rest.


It is probably just a coincidence that two of my children have flower names Jasmine Faye and Suki Rose. Suki Rose is the youngest and a fine combination of flowers and thorns, a climber I think but possibly a rambler in the future. I think my son James is a Dandelion and my eldest Mair is Atropa belladonna and maybe one day I might explain why. For now it is happy birthday Jasmine all my love Dad xx



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