Why Blog It

Most people who know me usually associate me with Ping Pong. I have been playing and coaching table tennis most of my life a passion I inherited from my dad. But I also inherited a passion for the garden from my mum and as the pendulum of life swings my passion for spending time in my outdoor sanctuary has grown over the last few years.


I turned the first sod on a blank canvas here in the bottom left hand corner of Ireland in the late 80’s. I moved across from the UK and started running an organic small holding away from the hustle and bustle of life in a Thatcherite Britain. I had a few very enjoyable years pursuing all things veggie with a few animals but I got dragged back into the system and found myself with a family that needed more than I could provide from the garden.

That was a good few years ago now and the garden was somewhat neglected but the hedging and wind breaks survived and a couple of years ago I began to spend more and more time weeding and seeding and gradually it has become more and more a part of my life.


Last year I started my first blog, recording a year in the life of a table tennis coach. Now I think it is time to spend a year recording a year in the life of my garden. I am hoping to take my knowledge a bit further and I have signed up for a full time course in horticulture at a nearby college and I intend to use this site to help with the learning process as well as keeping an account for my own interest.


I have no idea if anyone out there will have any interest in my fumbling but it will give me something to do on those rainy days (which are many!) where I can’t get outside. Well here goes 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why Blog It

  1. Just read your post as I was curious about your beginnings. I am friends with Barbara and Paul, the folks who stopped in to see you early in July after our Hooley in Skibbereen. I just want to let you know that I, for one, am interested in your “fumbling” and to say that your writing is fascinating. Perhaps you’ve given me some courage to start writing on my own wordpress page – one I’ve had for several months but haven’t taken the plunge.

    Thank you for your musings!


    • Thank you so much for your comment. I recommend you do write I find it very therapeutic and I have “met” some really interesting people who share some similar interests and some from foreign and distant shores who I would never have got to know. Good luck!


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